Blogging Like A Chinese

Weibo and WeChat represent a huge opportunity for Western companies which want to increase their popularity towards Chinese customers. As of April 2017, there were 370 million active users amongst 635 million registered users on Weibo, and the number continues to go, it’s not surprising that Western Companies are rushing to open their Weibo accounts.

Western Companies sometimes see Weibo just another branding platform, in fact, Weibo has far more potential than this. After all, it is all about big data and networking, the platform can be an incredibly fertile ground for Western companies.

Thereby, it is important for Western Companies to create a variety content that includes text, video, and audio with Chinese psyche! Hire professional Chinese writer, localise your message, communicate with users, use KOL! Cos users in China are very influenced by the KOL’s thoughts and opinions, so recruit them to post positive content about your brand is one of the keys.

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