Philosophy is a platform for professional writers, translators, designers, photographers, PR and marketers. We offer professional translations, copywriting, marketing communications, photography and brand management services. Our translators with a wealth of experience in legal translation, financial translation, technical translation, localisation and copywriting. The language team comprises seasoned copywriters who have participated in a raft of marketing communications projects.

Philosophy demonstrates the collaborative spirits by gathering elite professionals around the world. ‘The Best or Nothing’ is our motto, we believe engagement and passion hold significance whether working as an independent consultant or in-house staff, we always give our best effort to every opportunity.

We are not just any run-of-the-mill consultancy that hires a substantial number of substandard freelancers to gain market share; we are a group of passionate professionals translators, copywriters, photographers, marketers and designers who care about your business. Every each of us has worked with a sound number of brands plus extensive experience developing integrated programs that raise awareness.

Philosophy offers you the professional translation, tailor-made copywriting services, brand photography and all-around marketing communications solutions, we are chosen by Hong Kong listed companies and MNC.

We strive for greatness, not bigness.

Our Team

Amy Wilson (UK) Web Designer

Web Design and content marketing specialist. Amy has over 15 years experience in digital marketing, she is based in the UK.

Po (HK) PR Specialist/ Celebrity Endorsement Booking Agent

Over 25 years experience in the media industry. Po has worked with a sound number of movie stars, singers and celebrities in both Hong Kong and the Mainland China.

CK (HK) Translator & Copywriter/Editor/Media Relations Specialist

Translator, Copywriter, with over 15 years experience in media and translation industry, she specialised in Legal translation.

Eric Potman (UK) Technical Writer

Based in the UK, fluent in Spanish and Italian. Tom is a trilingual writer specialised in zoology topics.

Sam (HK) Professional Photographer 

Sam has over 10 years experience in media photography, has participated in various shooting project both in Hong Kong and overseas.

Crystal Yeung (HK) Experienced Translator

Jennifer Chan(HK) Experienced Translator

Erica Mahn(US) Designer

Jim Law (HK) SEO Specialist

We feature a list of International translators, copywriters, designers and marketers to cope with the needs of different projects.


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Our Translation Project

The ‘God Bless Shanghai’, a memoir of an African-American’s childhood years in China, is scheduled to be published in mid-November in Taiwan, China and US. This book is written by Nelly. M. Mensah, and the Traditional Chinese edition is jointly translated by three seasoned translators of our network including CK.S  


善用微信SEO 网站有SEO,微信也有SEO,毕竟只要需要搜索,都有可能涉及到SEO。不过目前,关于微信SEO的内容却少之又少。今天菲菲为大家分享的是微信SEO的优化方法,一起来看看吧! SEO无疑是中小企业网络推广的利器。中国内地SEO主要针对的是百度和搜狗。只要把关键词优化到了第一页,就不愁有意向客户主动找上门来。微信SEO亦如此,微信营销是目前最火的移动网络营销方式,它利用原创文字、视频、音频的传播,积累粉丝,通过跟粉丝的互动,增加粉丝对卖家品牌和产品的认知和信任,从而提高产品购买的转化率。 基于粉丝量是微信营销的一个基础,很多中小企业拼命地去加粉丝。但是到头来却发现,粉丝多了,转化率却并不高。那么,要如何才能提高成交率呢? 其实很简单,微信恰恰是一个最容易增强粉丝信任感的工具。当粉丝关注了你的公众微信号之后,你要把他导入到你的私人微信号里面。 “微信搜索”支持搜索微信公众号和微信文章,可以通过关键词搜索相关的微信公众号,或者是微信公众号推送的文章。不仅仅在PC端,搜狗的移动搜索客户端同样会进行相关的微信公众号推荐。 2014年6月微信公众号数据正式接入搜狗搜索,业内首次实现微信公众号的“外网”全面权威展示。影响搜索排名的因素主要有以下几点: 关键词是指用户搜索的词。标题含有关键词的权重是比较高的,也就是说那些在标题中含有关键词的文章更加容易被搜索到。 和公众号的排名类似,通过认证的微信公众号的文章排名更容易靠前。 除了关键词因素和认证因素,还有时间因素,新发布的文章会更靠前。 最好可以在你的标题、文章中多出现搜索指数高的热点词。  

Blogging Like A Chinese

Weibo and WeChat represent a huge opportunity for Western companies which want to increase their popularity towards Chinese customers. As of April 2017, there were 370 million active users amongst 635 million registered users on Weibo, and the number continues to go, it’s not surprising that Western Companies are rushing to open their Weibo accounts. …